Professional Development


Partner Resources
University of Arkansas Resources, Fayetteville (Detailed descriptions)
University of Arkansas Workshops Offered:
College of Education and Health Professions
  • Dr. Dennis Beck
    Technology Integration (in all subject areas and grades)
  • Mr. Vinson Carter
    Integrated STEM, Engineering & Technology Curriculum, Developing a 9-12th Grade STEM Curriculum  
  • Dr. Vicki Collet  (2016 NWA Writing Project )
    Teacher Effectiveness
    Instructional Design
  • Dr. Sean Connors
    Multimodal literacies

  • Dr. Mike Daugherty
    Integrated STEM Education for the Elementary School, STEM curriculum development, Understanding by Design, Performance-based assessment, Problem/project-based learning
  • Dr. Angela Elsass and Dr. Grace Kerr
    Differentiation, Types of Literacy Assessments 
  • Jason Endacott
    Social Studies/Common Core State Standards
  • Education Renewal Zone and NWA Educational Service Cooperative: EYE to the Future: Education, Youth, and the Economy  (P-20)
    Regional P-20 conference showcasing current programs in NWA schools and higher education. Presentations by K-12 teachers, district administrators, students, and higher education administrators. Registration will be open in spring, 2016.  To register, click the workshops tab on the NWAESC site or contact Priscilla Wetzel:
  • Dr. Chris Goering
    Improving Discussion and Dialogue in K-12 Settings, all areas
    Implementing Socratic Circles in the Disciplines
    Common Core and Writing
  • Dr. Marcia Imbeau
    Gifted and talented identification and programming

  • Dr. David Jolliffe, Brown Chair in English Literacy
    Common Core State Standards and their implications for English language arts, social studies, and science
    AP English Language

  • Dr. Heather Kindall
    Using Informational Text in the Elementary Classroom
    Integrating Literacy into the Content Areas

  • Dr. Cathy Wissehr
    Environmental Education and Learning in Outdoor Settings/Outdoor Classrooms
    Implementing Next Generation Science Standards
    Using Science Notebooks and Engineering Journals to Connect to Common Core

College Access Initiative - Office of Diversity Affairs
  • Leslie Yingling
    A.C.T. training for students, parents and teachers
Office of Admissions
  • Matt Hargis
    University of Arkansas recruitment information
Center for Math and Science Education
College Ready 

  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • English as a Second Language
  • Mathematics Master Teacher
  • Physics Master Teacher
  • Preparing Mathematicians and Physicists to Educate Teachers
  • Pre-AP Courses
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Quantitative Literacy Workshops